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By: Esha Mahendra As an Indian, we all know our history is both cruel and ruthless. It can be very well proved by remembering the independence struggle. The year was 1947 and the historical novel, written by Khushwant Singh Train to Pakistan (1956) describes those days very well. An estimated 14 million people were displaced…
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July 9, 2020 0


By: Shekhar Sandhwar Writing when you do know what to generate out of it, becomes an assailable enemy and you like a savage; blast it, lambast it, attack it, abuse it and whatnot… I often wonder. The treat to bombard the reader with the idea that fancifully flights through our imagination; not knowing how it…
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July 3, 2020 0


By Esha Mahendra , 2 Min Read In the view of ongoing pandemic Covid-19, we have experienced a significant surge in the use of digital technologies for education in various domains. Be it, innocent KG kids or University students, today all of them are being educated through online mode. Moreover, these technologies were an effective…
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June 30, 2020 2


By Nandini Goyal , 2 Min Read The modern world is screwed up with the disorder called Nepotism. It can be defined as “the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives, especially by giving them jobs”. We all admire doing this but if someone else does it we make them feel guilty.…
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We explored the rise of Christianity and English Language and their inter-exchangeable relations in British India.

June 27, 2020 0

Shadow – Keerti Manoj

The storm did pass, And the fire did stop, Still something lingers there, Or was it just me?The Wobbly legs And Drooping eyes Kept on warning me to stop Done sinking into my sea; My personal sea of self-doubt.Walking back home The air still stinks, Of smoke and ash; Yet the dark was fresh Dressed…
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July 26, 2019 0

Delirium – Janice Raquela Mendonca

My body craves sleep My mind is depraved My eyes hunger for comatose My bones are tired Sleep is elusive My passion lacks enthusiasm My being is restless Enraged at my own helplessness I want to…But, somehow I fall short Of energy and peace.Such a delicate balance Between the two Has never been known to…
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Accursed Freedom

“Winner of Quillopia Short Story Competition”

July 22, 2019 0

The Wife and the Ghost – Monalisa Joshi

The soft clay that felt so clammy and velvety against the feet in those paddy fields…Urvija thought to herself while feeling the splashes over her flaxen skin that were coming from outside the French window.This year it had rained heavily sinking Urvija’s heart and soul more. It’s been long…very long that she has stepped out…
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Wordflow: Short Story Competition.

Rules: Word Limit: 1200 (Any short story exceeds the given limit can be submitted and will be under the discretion of the Editor.) Eligibility: Anyone can participate. Maximum number of entries allowed: Two. -There will be a plagiarism check. Duration of the Competition: 9 Days. -Start date: 21st April-End date: 30th April Number of winners:…
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