A Friendly Christmas Teenage Tale

By Marc O'Brien, Author/Poet

There was a chill in the air for Marcia who was halfway through her first year high school study. Walking home knowing that social interaction with the upper-class came to an abrupt disruption due to Christmas break and this frustrated feeling hampered the happy time.

Reality stated, unless she found a way to get a ride down to the local gymnasium for the holiday basketball tournament, the winter holiday was the time spent with her younger brother. As the flurries came down, Marcia reached over the snowdrift to open the mailbox. A bunch of colorful cards addressed to her parents filled the postal along with the local newspaper.

“Anything from Chris?” A voice came from the frozen setting, “Chris Tierney the super jock?”

“Chris Tierney is not plastic, Thomas,” She shouted back, “He uses cash to buy pizza.”

“And how do you know that?”

“I saw him buy pizza.”

Pulling her keys out and making sure the teeth were pointed in the right direction Marcia opened the door and a seasonal warmth greeting was supplied by the modern heater.

“Well, did you get a Chris Mas Card?”

“No,” She replied knowing Thomas found out the secret she blurted out during a slumber party. While watching a hunky movie the innocent comment about a certain upper-class man who had a car was made and all her girlfriends snickered. An observant Thomas overheard the gossip and the junior high school student kept needling her about the fantasy.

After placing the mail where it was supposed to go Marcia took the newspaper into the living room and sat in the comfortable chair that neighbored the Christmas Tree. Using the blinking white lights Marcia flipped through the journal and found the sports section.

“The day Chris Tierney asks you out is the day reindeers fly,” Thomas said heading to his room.

Not needing the side comment Marcia noticed the second page where there was a picture with the caption headline “When Reindeers Fly.” Reading the cutline below reporting ‘A half reindeer half thoroughbred won the Santa Claus Show Jumping Grand Prix over the weekend.’


Not even twenty-four hours later Marcia could smell the turkey in the oven as she found herself surrounded in wrapped gifts. “So, what are you looking for? a Chris mas gift? Sis.”

Getting up she ignored what was said, “Mum all the presents look all so pretty,”

“Yes, they do dear,” her mother responded, watching Marcia taking a seat, “Mrs. Twinkle and Mrs. Hope did a wonderful job, you should thank them.”

Holding the carving knife, Father wished everyone a Merry Christmas, “are we all ready to celebrate?”

Seeing Thomas pick up his plate Marcia changed from a serious look to a nice smile, “Yes, Father, Merry Christmas let’s eat.”

As the festive bird turned into a magpie friendly carcass the family had a delightful conversation filled with joyful thoughts while pulled crackers put a comical royal commentary on everyone's head.

Father found the wishbone and handed it to Marcia, “Why don’t you and Thomas make a wish,” he suggested.

“Well, sis, are you going to wish for a Chris mas gift?” Thomas instigated and Marcia did not say a word, “the day Chris Tierney asks you out is the day Santa comes down the chimney and leaves romantic perfume for a date.”

“Now, Thomas, do not be such a doubter,” Father mentioned watching Marcia win the battle.


Night turned into morning and Marcia’s bathrobe was tied over her pajamas hearing Mother use a high pitch theatrical voice, “honey when you go outside, wipe your feet before coming in. There is soot all over the living room.”

Marcia saw Father unable to answer, “and how dare you eat the cookies off the kitchen table.”

“Merry Christmas,” Marcia told her parents as Thomas entered the scene wiping his eyes.

“Oh, Merry Christmas honey,” Mother greeted then paused “and Thomas, I can vacuum later.”

Following the soot path in the shape of a boot to its end point, Marcia found a gift that was not there when she went to bed.

Quietly reading the tag “To: Marcia From Santa,” the package soon revealed the latest teenage perfume sensation.


December 26th was now the date on the calendar and Marcia stared at herself in the mirror while trying to apply Santa’s aromatic gesture.

Wearing a new goalie glove Thomas pushed the door open, “the day that Chris Tierney goes out with you is the day Santa’s elves will be sitting back relaxing.”

Nearly pushing the door back against him Marcia gave him a look then two squirts were placed on her neck, “you know doubting Thomas today is Boxer Day.”

Heading down the hallway Marcia could see the cleaning staff enjoying the leftovers and Marcia went into the kitchen to tell them they did a wonderful job making sure Father’s gifts were presentable for the big day.

“We wrapped your Mother’s too, Miss Marcia, executive work was busy this year,” Mrs. Twinkle the housekeeper explained.

“And the stockings were filled so creatively,” Marcia added.

“That was her idea,” Mrs. Twinkle pointed to Mrs. Hope.

“Always believe in Christmas magic,” Mrs. Hope wiped the prime rib juice from her mouth.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Marcia beat out Thomas for the honour of welcoming the visitor.

When the grey skies peaked in there was Chris Tierney standing blocking the bitter cold.

“I was just wondering if you wanted a ride to the Christmas basketball tournament this afternoon?” Chris inquired.

Mrs. Hope and Mrs. Twinkle had Marcia’s jacket ready and she quickly grabbed the coat, “I would love too,”

While closing the door Thomas was very silent, “could you tell mum that I went to the match with Chris Tierney.”

Moments later the sibling heard, “you smell great,” making his sister respond, “thanks Santa.”

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