Aaksa Karuna Shah talks to Quillopia

Today we have the author of Lost Callahan, Aaksa Karuna Shah to tell us about her writing venture and her experiences with writing.

Tell us something about yourself and when did you first realize you want to be a writer?

I am very chatty and people’s person, I love arts and literature and I adore nature and beauty. I certainly feel that I am very different from others since childhood and I happen to like that thing about myself. But when they do I think they happen to enjoy my company. Not bragging pinky promise! I had never thought of becoming a writer unless and until I found myself expressing too much on paper and realized I have turned into one already.

Tell us about your book?

What made you write on this topic?

So, when it came to selecting the topic, I didn’t really think about it in much detail in the beginning. It was something that came out of me naturally, something like the story wrote itself. The topic was inspired by a real-life person who had a great influence on my life, my late grandmother who had dissociative fugue.

Where did you get the information and material for the book?

Research and the real-life inspiration from a lot of experiences, books, movies, incidents and of course thinking. (Well yeah overthinking too…)

Name one thing you learned while writing your book?

Patience on the larger picture and I learnt that when you’re writing, it should come from within.

Do you have any suggestions budding writers?

I think experience is the best teacher, and for being a writer you must become a reader first and then go become an observer, a researcher and analyzer, and then maybe who knows you may be the next Shakespeare?

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