An Interview With Deesha Sangani, Bestselling Indian Author and Empowerment Coach

Deesha Sanghani is an ICF certified personal empowerment coach, writer and motivational speaker from Banglore. She is a strong advocate of self-empowerment and mental health. She started aspiring to become a writer from the ripe age of 5. Today she has authored many bestselling novels like The Diary of My Love, A Love Story by Destiny, 90 Steps Towards Beginning of a Journey and Daily Take Aways: Unfold the Journey of Life.

“My stories are based on my wild imagination but with the intent to inspire others in life to achieve their dreams,” she quips.

Quillopia had a delightful time conversing with Deesha Sangani...

Apart from being a writer, you’re also a personal empowerment coach. What has inspired you to take upon this journey?

We live in a world where we need to push ourselves to go ahead in life. Most of us lack confidence in ourselves which makes us vulnerable to anxiety, depression and other serious mental and emotional issues.

I strongly believe when you're self-empowered, you can get a lot of meaningful things done. In turn, you can become confident in yourself and healthier in mind and body.

I started my journey as an Author to follow my passion and express my emotions in a healthy and positive manner. When more and more people read my books they got back to me saying that my books helped them cope with difficult times. They asked me for advice and suggestions which I was happy to give them.

In the meanwhile, I started my journey to become an Empowerment Influencer Coach. As a certified coach, I was able to start helping people in overcoming these challenges and start following their passion in life.

We wonder if you could talk about some of the obstacles that you are fighting for throughout this journey of empowering people?

Life is about ups and downs. We all face challenges and obstacles in our journey to achieve our goals. However, we cannot let them stop us from meeting our goals and targets. Any goal worth achieving is not easy and perseverance and patience is the key to achieving the same. While we all might get bogged down at times the key is to take a step back in such instances, take a deep breath and tackle the problem with a fresh mindset.

When you are on a mission to inspire people and are passionate about helping people to be empowered, it’s not a difficult journey but a fulfilling journey.

Would you like to tell us something about your latest book: The diary of my love and what can we expect from it?

My latest book The Diary of My Love is the story of a young girl Anushkaa who is dynamic and deeply passionate about her dreams. As she sets out on her journey in the corporate world, she meets Ayush. However, a perfect life does not exist and they are torn apart to meet each other after 4 years. They both help each other heal from their broken hearts, achieve their dreams and start living life for themselves & each other. However, life plays a cruel card.

In this whole journey, Anushkaa’s diary is her constant companion and holds within its pages a secret no one knows. To know this secret and how the story ends, you need to read my latest book The Diary of My Love.

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

I think every author has a unique and special experience of publishing their first book.

There is a lot of learning that one needs to incorporate and cherish. We gain this experience with each and every subsequent book because ultimately it’s the learning that helps you in your next work. The only way to grow as an author is to keep learning and improving our own craft of writing.

Could you please give us an insight into your books, including your genre and your characters and/or themes?

I have written both fiction and nonfiction books. The main theme in my books irrespective of the genre has been around inspiring people with my writing.

My characters are fleshed from experiences in real life and have a tinge of realism in them due to that. However, my stories are based on my wild imagination but with the intent to inspire others in life to achieve their dreams.

While you work on a female character, What are the challenges you face?

I have not faced any problems till now. As an author, I create characters based on experiences from real life and hence they are realistic in nature but totally fictional in the story. I look at the outside world and draw inspiration hence I am able to write female and male characters with equal ease.

What are the creative and other projects that you are currently working on? What would be your dream project?

I am not very comfortable about talking about my dreams, I would rather work on them and let my success talk about them. For me, every project of mine is my dream project and I put in my absolute best for them.

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