An Interview With Kuldeep Sharma, Author and IELTS & PTE Trainer

Hailing from a small city Gwalior, Kuldeep Sharma is an IELTS & PTE Trainer. A post graduate in Master of Technology, Mr. Sharma is an author, digital Media Writer, blogger, Immigration Advisor and distinguished orator.

He is nominated amongst 35 young authors of India and has published in various digital websites. He is the author of Treasure of IELTS Academic Task 1 and Speaking (2020), Threshold Of Task 2 (2020) and Treasure of IELTS Academic: Masterpiece For IELTS Academic (2019).

“Some get everything in their legacy while some work hard to build their legacy,” he quips.

Quillopia had a wonderful experience gaining the insights of Mr. Sharma on the booming field of IELTS and PTE Training...

Would you like to briefly introduce yourself? Readers of Quillopia would be delighted to know about your journey and ventures?

I hail from a small city named ‘Gwalior’ in the state of Madhya Pradesh, from a family of business background where no one had a formal education. I am the only one in my family who has got formal education. I hold graduation in Bachelor of Technology then gained Post graduation in Master of Technology. Furthermore, I remember I was not a bright and meritorious student until my 7th grade. But, one turning point changed the course of life and thereby I started paying heed on my studies. I always had a fascination with English subjects but like many, I have always disliked Mathematics. I have also worked in the corporate world as a Research & Development Engineer for a year and then I followed my passion. In addition, I was an adamant reader and an active child, I was good at giving speeches and always loved the competitions. I was a keen observer and I have learned immensely by observing people. When it comes to games then Cricket and Badminton were my favorites. There was also a time where I was finding a kind of halt in my life but as someone said after every night, dawn comes the same happened with me. My life seems like a roller coaster ride where I confront many ups and downs from time to time. However, every time I got a lesson which helped me in understanding things in a much better way. I am a very practical person and always believe in the power of hard work and dedication. My passion landed me on the board as an IELTS & PTE Trainer, Author of 3 Books, Digital Media Writer, Blogger, and Immigration Advisor. I like to guide and motivate people through my real-life experiences. Life has made me very realistic and optimistic owing to which I believe that no matter what, but one should have to remain positive. I always believe in the power of these words, which I have framed, “Some get everything in their legacy while some work hard to build their legacy.”

What/ Who are your inspirations behind writing and the major books for IELTS/ PTE? Please tell us about your books?

I was always good at writing. So, I started my writing journey around 5 years ago when I was in graduation. To be honest, I never planned or thought to become an Author. It transpired randomly by seeing the needs of students. Being a professional IELTS & PTE Trainer; the kind of tremendous response which I received from the students stimulated me to write a book. I remember, I was a bit nervous, which was quite obvious for any first-time author, but the love and support of my loved ones made me cover this sea of writing a book. My first book ‘Treasure Of IELTS Academic’ was released in the Year 2019, the second book ‘Treasure Of IELTS Academic Task 1 and Speaking’ and the third book ‘Threshold Of Task 2’ were released in the same year 2020. I also have a presence on various websites where I write Poetry, Stories, Articles, and Micro Tales on the subjects of life, love, relationships, young people, family, abuse, depression, women empowerment, and such themes.

As an IELTS & PTE Trainer, what are your opinions regarding the popularity this field has gained in the present times?

It is highly fair to say that nowadays there is a boom, especially in this realm. Here, I believe that awareness is the key element because nowadays young people have become more aware and cognizant about the happenings, as a result, they have known that they can secure their life and career abroad conveniently which in turn has brought huge demand for IELTS & PTE Trainer. Further, everyone nowadays prefers to pursue his or her education from abroad owing to many opportunities. They not only get exposure to vocational skills but also become self-dependent, which somewhere makes people look towards abroad. At the same time, IELTS & PTE Trainer has the onus of humongous things whether it comes to resolve the doubts of the candidates or in imparting valuable knowledge. It can be merely possible when one will be highly conversant in English or having knowledge of various other domains.

Our readers would love to know about the pros and cons of IELTS and PTE training?

To be honest, I don’t find any demerit in the IELTS and PTE Training. But, yes, one who is passionate for guiding and teaching people than for all such people, it is an exciting profession because it ensures mutual growth. However, one who just does it for the sake of a job or anything then it might be difficult to excel in this domain, as it requires passion, dedication and most importantly knowledge.

Would you like to put some light on your journey from being a Trainer to an Author?

I never thought of becoming an Author. But, I always loved writing on account of which I used to write on various Digital Media Platforms even before becoming a Trainer. However, I found an unbelievable response from my readers and students, which ignited a notion in me to finally publish books for this exam so that other people could also take advantage of my knowledge. Here, I would say that my students or whom I was training were the source for the Author journey.

Where according to you, do the students struggle in this field of line and what would be the reasons behind it?

Of course, IELTS & PTE are the exams which are conducted to assess someone’s English proficiency. Here, students confront myriad problems such as they do not get proper guidance as a result they opt the wrong method of preparation, which later brings a sense of negativity in them. I believe that these exams just take complete command of the basics fundamentals of English than cramming the books and content, which most students do. I just suggest to all the aspiring students that just understand the things rather than mugging up.

As you know, students and mental health are spoken in unison these days. What is your take on this and what would you suggest the students reduce the stress and pressure they face?

It is utterly true, and many times I have also faced the same situation with many of my students. They come under negativity and stress as a result they develop a notion that they are good for nothing. Here, I would say that it transpires owing to some negative tendencies such as students should stop comparing themselves with others, which is the most common sight nowadays. Once, they compare with others then automatically negativity takes place in their mind, which later becomes the root cause of various other problems. I suggest to all the students that be practical and do not compare with others. Believe in the power of hard work, because everything can be achieved by the hard work.

Where do your beliefs stand when it comes to the trending “Self-love”, “Self-care” hype going around?

Very precisely, I have never heard such a trend. However, as the name signifies, I concede that it is so important to love yourself. Love the way, you are rather than competing with others.

What are your suggestions for aspiring authors?

Don’t underestimate yourself and your potential. You are more capable than you think, all you need to just work hard.

If you want to become an author or writer then work on your skills and develop thoughts which can be entirely possible by reading. If you want to write then read, you must read, read as much as you can, consequently, you will not only learn various ways of writing but also get many new thoughts. In the process of creating your own book, trust yourself, support yourself and go for it, it’s important that you focus on giving your hundred percent and lastly, try whatever you want, explore different genres, you don’t have to think about publishing your work and to make it big instantly! It doesn’t work that way for many people thus, Just sit down and start writing, learning and begin to explore.

Interviewed by Arolina Bhubaneswari

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