Can you Keep a secret? – Sophie Kinsella

Hello readers,

I want everyone to answer this – Can you keep a secret? Whether its yours or someone else. Whether it’s small or the long one. Effective or non-effective to you or someone? Looking forward for your answers! Trust me, it’s quite interesting.

So, I bought this book from the World Book Fair, Delhi in 2017. I chose this book randomly because I really liked the cover of this book. I know, never judge a book by its cover. But I did. Really, I Did.

This is the first book I read of Sophie Kinsella. And seriously I really liked the concept and the openness of thoughts and words of the Author. The way she introduced herself, her friends, collegeues, boyfriend, family and situations was really funny.

So, this is a story of a girl Emma. Who always wanted to get promoted in her work and wants an appreciation from her father. (No, don’t take it in an another path. It’s not an inspirational book. :p Wait! )

She had a boyfriend, Connor. A best boyfriend in the world with whom she was pretending to be happy. But her life takes a roller coaster ride when she spoke out all her secrets in plane in front of totally Stanger, Jack. She tells him about her relationship with her boyfriend, her fantasy, false resume and grades, her sex life with her boyfriend, about company and collegeues, her virginity etc. etc.

And it’s not end here. When she was ready to move in with her boyfriend she found that the stranger, who knows all her secrets is not a stranger anymore. He is her boss. He is the owner of the Company. She found herself confused and ill. All she wanted to run or escape. But instead of running or escaping from the situation and from the truth she handle them very gently.

And trust me, this book will make you laugh and smile how situation plays with her. How her destiny test her. How she tackle with all the situation.

You should read this book if you don’t think this secret wouldn’t effect to anyone! or Oh, this is not a secret! So, this will let you know how important is to keep a secret a secret!

So, I am looking forward for your answer and your ratings too this time. How much this book made you laugh? And how much my post helped you now or in previous ones.

Book Ratings – 4 / 5.

by Manisha Jain

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