NASA PERSEVERANCE ROVER: Cooling Communication In The Air

By Marc O'Brien, Author/Poet

Heard in the American south

To better communicate with one's mouth.

Sent off an Elon Musk rocket

From a US beachside fiery socket

Producing a glare

And glowing flare

The world will have better communication in the air

Looking down from above

With a feeling called love

This modern stuff

Soothing egos being tough

Will help humans interact.

Forgetting the urge to attack!

Soon after the big one ended

Uncle Sam decided to act like a defendant

Asian countries having some fuss

Losing their neighbour’s trust

GI Joe going into a situation.

Declaring ‘this is a critical position’

Suffering in resentment

Escalating its temperament

And bitterness

Clenching fists

Clouding the burning mist

Standing ground

Wanting democracy world round

Decided to fight.

For the South’s civil right

To this day Korea is still mad at each other

Needing counselling from an international Mother

As we look at the moving sky

Hoping a resolution to cure an immature lie

Letting one’s anger go.

Using an honest information flow

Technology supplying the heavenly show

For when you leave the red, white, and blue sand

And the astronaut diplomatic ocean’s cradling hand

Everything will be cool in the galactic theatre

Cooling last century’s heater

Allowing peace to reign

Dowsing the past’s evil flames.

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