COVID-19: Embracing The New Normal

Ever wondered how animals inhabiting zoos feel locked up in the cages for life? Humans are experiencing something similar to those stuck up feelings during this lockdown! It has been six months since we are stuck in one place. We are unable to travel freely or enjoy the supply chains of the world so quickly. We think twice before going somewhere or meeting someone. The deadly pandemic has placed the whole world at a standstill and put a stopper on wings of freedom with the nations going into lockdown to stall the virus’s relentless march. However, amidst all, we have been embracing the new normal COVID-19.

Even after going through all these inconveniences, there is no specific data or foreseeing answers when situations will stabilize. The whole world is sitting inside four walls and craving for a ray of hope in our novel ways of lives. Many of us are going through a mental illness like under stress and anxieties. But as the old saying quotes, blind panic does nobody any good. It all started somewhere around mid-March, and little did we know that from imposing lockdowns and virus spread, we were preparing for the coming of a new era.

Masks and sanitizers have become our daily partners. The contagion has raised awareness among the masses about adequate cleanliness. Buying essentials commodities are on our priority task. The physical meetings, social gatherings and parties have converted to video calls and conferences. Working out inside home rather than in gyms and locals parks have become the new normal, and we have been struggling hard to cope with it.

Nobody could have imagined such a horrible scenario a few months back! Cooking and eating have become restricted to homes only, and it is not so tough to believe that we were hiding master chefs inside us. Closed shopping malls highlighted the futility of mindless consumerism. Not to mention, as pollution levels going down and nature is flourishing to its highest, people have realized the necessity of a sustainable lifestyle for the health of the planet. Keeping first aid kit handy at home to avoid last-minute or unnecessary runs to hospitals and pharmacies is another smart move to ensure self-protection, and it stops us from endangering others to the virus. Gazing at the brighter side, every member of the household is assisting in chores, along with taking care of each other, developing stronger bonds within.

Hitherto we can hope that post-lockdown, these habits are not going anywhere. Beyond any doubt, we all know it will take time to eradicate this COVID situation, making social distancing and other safety measures a part of the long-term future. Millions have lost their jobs worldwide. Sectors which were robust with economies a few months ago have hurtled towards a crash. Salary cuts are being frequent too. Miserably, the poor have become poorer. Few are reporting on the misery of the middle class, whose financial struggles are frequently hidden behind their flashy lifestyles. Some people have suffered setbacks, and then some have not have changed their approach to spending already.

The entertainment industries have taken a fresh look at this manner of functioning with actors, in particular, by being tested before sequences involving physical proximity are filmed. It’s heartbreaking to realize how the pandemic has caused the shortcomings of healthcare systems worldwide. The overburdened hospitals need an upgrade on every level from their infrastructures to their procedures. This pandemic turns out head to ensure a safe environment for the personnel and patients, as well to better cope with any emergencies in approaching future.

No doubt, a lot has changed in the past few months, and more is yet to come. And even though fear and insecurities have secured a new home in our heads, we shall never forget the saying everything is temporary in this world, change is the only constant and this will too shall pass.

By Esha Mahendra

Image Source- Google

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