Dear World, I am afraid

Dear World! Dear World, I am afraid. For entertaining the possibility of Never stepping out of the house like before. Not only because of the dangerous air, For now, it’s the humanity that got me scared. Dear World, I am afraid. To turn on the TV and be flashed by something, I was not prepared for. For now, the soothing silent sea has gained its rage again. The wind once filled with fragrance is firing, Is cursed with worm rains. Dear World, I am afraid. To step out in the World, for I might get raped. Physically, mentally, sexually or Merely for the skin colour, I possess. That I will be exploited even after my death. Ruthlessly in the dilemma of their language. For I was “fed” the poison, or I simply “ate”. Dear World, I am afraid.

By Arolina Bhubaneshwari

#Poems #self #world

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