From Social Media to Real Life: An Interview With Indian Writer Siddarth Raj

Siddarth Raj, a 21-year-old hopeless romantic, was born in the small town of Gwalior, completed his 1st-year law in Delhi but came back to his hometown to focus on his writing realizing his passion for stories. His debut novel is Never date a Senior Girl, which is there in hot new release throughout the time from its release.

He also instituted a program "giving back to the community" with best selling authors to help budding authors to face every challenge they have to face in their daily writing tasks.

Quillopia thanks Siddarth Raj for sharing some creative insights regarding his writing career and on his debut novel. Let’s begin-

1) In a world full of love stories, how do you make yours unique?

I feel love stories these days are so raw, like starting from social media and getting ended up there itself, makes any love story happening around in the real world special. My story started from social media so that people can relate to it, but not just getting restricted to it. That's the beauty of a relationship I've tried to convey through my debut novel Never date a Senior Girl. And having the most common idea of falling for a senior made it more unique as dating a senior is still a dream for many.

2) Who is your target audience?

Anyone ready to fall in love again is the one I've tried to target as a writer.

3) What do you think is the purpose of writing in general?

To make people believe. People don't believe in anything these days, so as a rom-com writer, I feel it's my job to make my readers think and dare themselves to fall in love again.

4) Can you tell us the reason for choosing this form? (i.e., Novel as a form)

I'm a long texter. I can't type short messages or anything; that in-built defect made me keep writing and ended up with the 200 pages novel.

5) What's your opinion on other Indian writers, and what do they lack? (If at all they do)

We have more potential than what we are known or identified or acknowledged for. And yes, we do lack the intention of trying new things and experimenting around. That's what I've tried to approach by using the language as raw and real it may get in the real-life.

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Interviewed by Siddhu Tekur