Future of Modern Man

The primitive men are still in existence, In every corner of the nation, With their obnoxious way of dressing, Feeling, as superior in spirits and souls, But actually controlled by evil spirits, Of deserts and ways.

Ignorant about customs and traditions, Of origin of great forefathers, Blessed by the Trinity,

Dawn of modern man in present age, Has neither faith nor love for departed; Forgotten humanity, compassion, and sympathy; Selfishness, self-interest, regressive; Tearing down natural world, brutally; And draining the treasure from the lap of Mother Earth.

Money and greed driving the mind, Wiping out the lives of the innocents, Loss of innocence and reliability not cared, Celestial gifts of love and tranquillity, Fading away in thin air.

How to recapture blissful glory here? Collective conscious of Mankind, Bit by bit, slipping into a gloom. O Divine Love! Demonstrate Thy Mercy; Recapture, the hearts of humankind, Create human beings splendid, with mercy and empathy.

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