The modern world is screwed up with the disorder called Nepotism. It can be defined as “the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives, especially by giving them jobs”. We all admire doing this but if someone else does it we make them feel guilty. Do we realize that we are entitled to some privilege for being a child of our parents? Indeed, we do. If you are a government employee, children getting into a huge (rich) school based on money on which a scholarship student name has written. If you are a child of a millionaire businessman, then all the employees should acquiesce in front of you despite the fact, you have the expertise or not. You can get easily into politics or film industries if you have contacts.

That’s all nepotism is and at a distinct moment, we all do this. Nepotism is not merely inheriting jobs because of parents or relatives, it includes all benefits for which you have not worked hard.

But now the realm has changed, we somehow protest the nepotism strongly, however, deep inside we still appreciate it. Though, we demur on someone because he or she is the child of someone of a significantly prominent personality! We need to understand; it’s not their fault. They have every right to get a chance.

To begin with, we are the ones who have a very keen interest in their lives, their lavish lifestyle, their fights and many more. Yes, it’s not wrong they got the opportunity very easily but, to maintain that dignity and decorum is extremely troublesome because we are the only ones who compare them to their godfathers or helping handers. It totally depends upon us for deciding whom to support or completely reject based on their talent.

Then, what represents the issue? If everything is based on our opinions, then where the issue arises? The concern emerges when the owners, the opportunity providers appreciate their people and do not raise the authentic and unique talents. They pressurize them so that it becomes difficult to get their way as smoothly as they deserve. They do not give them a chance to move progressively and try showing their efforts down and stain their work. This is what Nepotism is. Getting work from the threat of spoiling the business or by bribes comes to the nepotism.

In the 21st century, the cases of nepotism are 59.83% and that’s the reason for unemployment, poverty, and many more cases. Many tales are untold. And all this is happening around us. Not only we need to raise our voice but also we must make sure no one falls into the abyss because of that. We need to understand that we should never present someone to others because of their backgrounds and contacts. No doubt every parent never wants their child to live or struggle the way from which they had gone through. Getting an opportunity is the right of everyone. But to maintain and to achieve more work they should achieve those things through talent and responsibility towards their work.

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Nandini Goyal is a volunteer with Quillopia. The views expressed are the author’s own.


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