On Spiritual Poetry: An Interview With Jurist-Author-Poet Pamarty Venkataramana

India has a promising future with a glorious past. We have many new icons emerging. A few among them fall in the haloed category of being the 'rarest of rare.'

One such 'Son of the Soil' is interestingly a subtle combination of being a practicing Advocate with multi-disciplinary background, training, and a penchant for contributing to Literature in all forms - Poetry, Short Stories, Essays, Columns, Novelette. Yet, Spiritual Poetry is his forte.

Sri Ramana or Pamarty Venkataramana is an Eminent Jurist, Author, Poet from India. He is a life member of the Supreme Court of India Bar. Trained Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Cost and Works Accountant, Arbitrator, chose to become a Lawyer. He is a respected Philosopher, Thinker, Orator, Writer, Poet, Essayist, International Corporate Attorney, and a World Icon for Peace and Humanity.

His first Books of Poetry are titled - In A Blink, Chasing A Shadow, A Master's Piece (India, -2010). His first Book of Short Stories is titled - The Whispering Star (the U.K.)-2020). His forthcoming other works include - X-raying the Mahatma, a Book of Essays for a New India (Canada)-2021.

He has been conferred with titles such as Ambassador of Peace, Prophet of New Age Poetry and received prestigious Awards like the Alladi Kupuswamy Memorial National Award for the Best Young Lawyer, Edward Kennedy Memorial International Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Fields of Law and Medicine, mentoring path-breaking Research in Greenfield Technologies including Green Energy.

"I envision a New India, a whole new Mankind where borders disappear, but border control is more robust, where barriers of Parochialism, Racism, Casteism vanish. However, Gender-Respect is accorded its due importance, where Righteousness and Nobility return to rule society", says PVR.

Quillopia had a wonderful time interacting with the versatile personality Pamarty Venkataramana and delving deep into his creative journey. Let's begin-

Question 1: You are an excellent jurist and Orator. How did you get started as a poet?

Firstly, may I thank you for doing yeoman service to the cause of Society through the exploration of literature and it's 'sewaks.'

As one immersed in the art and science of Jurisprudence, day in and day out, one witness first-hand the travesties, prejudices of a faulty support-system that is largely ignorant about the intricacies of Law. And the manner of the evolution of civilization as well as the constantly changing societal mores.

Initially, the writing was all about articles on Business and intricate legal procedures. As one grew busier as an Attorney, the call of the Good Conscience possesses you, which again, is directly proportional to the paucity of Time.

Poetry emerged as a finer art form to express and ventilate the agony, angst, pathos felt by a Conscientious Witness to worldly events.

Spiritual Poetry has forever been the genre of my writings. For a decade now, ever since being 'touched' by the Universal Force.

Question 2: How do your poems develop? Please guide us through the stages of your poem?

All my Poetry are spontaneous outpourings of the Soul. There is no prior preparation or leisure-hour writing: every Poem is a 'scribbling' undertaken amidst a grueling 21/7 regimen on the professional front.

Hence, crystal clear thoughts are bound to emanate and to communicate with the readership.

Without sounding immodest, I can say all of my Poetry is 'a communion with God'- for the good of all Mankind'.

Question 3. Who are some of the biggest influences in your poetry?

One's upbringing, education, and thought processes influence and help shaping one's creative writing. I believe this is so in my case, at least.

Mercy, Kindness, Compassion, Love, Sacrifice, Goodness - these are traits when imbibed in any Individual go a long way to help mold personal character and, in turn, become the muscle and body of every work of Spiritual Poetry.

As a busy Lawyer, one cannot afford the luxury of reading others, including past greats like Milton, Shakespeare, or Shelley.

It gives immense satisfaction to learn of being likened by Critics to the great Hall of Classical Writers.

The World needs to be continuously reminded that Evolution of Thought(and not a Revolution against set principles of Governance)can help a Democracy grow into a mature and harmonious Society.

Question 4. All of your three poetry books are based on three different themes. How have you categorized them?

Yes, every Poem has a World of Thought embedded in it.

  • In a Blink has a byline -'For Lovely Minds,' this means Poetry, which appeals to mindsets who are receptive and open to fresh ideas and expressions of Thought. The Cause of Life is sought to be explored in this set of poems. It has a symmetry of thought, which explores the asymmetry of Nature's creations.

  • Chasing A Shadow is meant for 'Adult Minds,' meaning all those developed mindsets who are mature enough to grasp the importance of being a grown-up Human-being. This set of poems explores the Purpose of Life. It has a synergy and journeys through Life's experiences to bring about newer meanings to the Forces of Nature and Life itself.

  • A Master's Piece is meant for 'Free Minds,' this shall mean evolved mindsets who do not have any limits to understanding, growth, or refinement of Thought. This book explores the Spirit of Life. It has symbolism and traverses the contemporary World and its facets of Life, bringing out the innate qualities of both animate and inanimate objects. Every Poem seeks to unravel the Mysteries of Life.

Question 5. "In A blink," "Chasing A Shadow," and "A Master's Piece" cover a variety of themes including beliefs and habits of mankind, meaning of life peeping into the mind of a child. Would you like to talk about them?

They are better enjoyed when read, I suppose?, he giggles.

Question 6. Releasing three books of poetry requires Time to develop. How long were you working on it?

One lives, One feels, and as One feels, One writes. And, as One writes, One finds the burden of Good Conscience is freed.

Again, as one finds these outpourings passed on to the World at large, One feels the need to write more and more. Such is the gravitational pull of One's Destiny. As such, my sojourn is a bit different from the rest of Writers or Poets in this aspect.

I have no time to plan, draft, redraft, or muse before I write. So, I write, be it Poetry or Prose, amidst my commitments to the calling of a Lawyer.

I envision a New India, a whole new Mankind where borders disappear, but border control is more robust, where barriers of Parochialism, Racism, Casteism vanish. However, Gender-Respect is accorded its due importance, where Righteousness and Nobility return to rule Society.

'Dharma' and 'Karma' ought to become the catchwords as well as the yardstick of lifestyle and lives of every man, woman, child across the Globe.

Question 7: Do you have any upcoming projects?

The First Book of Short Stories - The Whispering Star is published in U. K. this month. It is all set in Mystic and Spiritual genres of writing.

A Book of Essays titled X-raying the Mahatma will be coming out in Canada in 2021.

A Collection of 18 volumes of my Poetic Treatise called -One Life, Many Lives ( The Philosophy of Love) is set to be published in the USA in August 2021.

Thank you!

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