Phone Call – A Story

Jacey came home early than usual. She felt uneasy today, as if something wrong was going to happen. I’m just tired; my mind is playing games with me she thought. She opened the door and entered the house. She needed some time alone. So, she took a quick shower and slipped into a kimono with shorts. She sat at the window with a cup of coffee, looking at the moon. She just loved the view from her bedroom. The aura of mystical night and the full moon tempted her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She was lost in her thoughts, when she heard a distant soft voice calling her, pulling her out from her peace to the commotion of life. She recognized the voice; he must have come to check on her. Just like his name, Alec, he defended her, protected her from everything.

“Jacey,” he whispered, he did not want to disturb her. She is so beautiful, he thought. Long hair suited her well, but even the short flicks, that covered her half face, tempted him. The feather earrings dangling from her ears enhanced the beauty of her slender neck. The tattoo on her bare shoulder only added to her mesmerising beauty. He found that he envied her jewellery- her rings and her anklet because they were clinging close to her body. He saw her fingers moving around the coffee cup. He understood she was upset because the usual fire in her eyes was replaced by the emptiness and hollowness, as if she was looking for some answers. He moved towards her slowly, careful to avoid any noise. He noticed that she was aware of his presence but she was avoiding his stare. He called her name again “Jacey.”

She heard him, but did not listen. He reached out to touch her shoulder and asked “You okay?” She looked in his eyes and then turned away as if almost hiding from something. He grew uneasy; he didn’t like to be ignored. “Jaceyy,” he almost shouted. And then losing patience, he shook her with all his might and dragged her out of trance. Giving up, she finally responded, “I’m fine, Alec, I’m fine,” she said. It was more of a whisper, a whisper to herself. He was still holding her, his grip on her tightened. She could see his nerves pop out; she could feel that he was both worried and angry. Anger suited his tall and muscular body. Still holding her, he yelled at her, “You don’t look fine, have you even seen yourself. Don’t do this to yourself, Jacey. It’s been five years damn it.” His grip grew stronger; she could feel pain, her eyes turned watery. Escaping from his hold, she yelled back, “I said I’m fine, Alec. Trust me.” She repeated it changing her voice to a slow whisper and sank on the bed.

She sighed and looked away but still could feel his glare. It scared her, his glare, she felt as if her soul was standing naked in front of him. She took a deep breath and changed the line of conversation before he could further preach her. She didn’t need the preacher Alec, at least not now. She stood up and looked at him, crossed her arms against her chest and said, “It’s quite late, Alec. I think we should call it a night.” She noticed that his expressions softened a bit, he could see that she was shaken by his anger. Slowly moving towards her, he said,” You are throwing me out now,” in a very smoky voice. She smiled, shaking her head she thought he had lightened her mood, after all that is why he was here. He advanced on her; his eyes had a hint of naughtiness. She knew where he was trying to get at, but she wasn’t in the mood of playing along with his flirting, she needed to be left alone for now. He pulled her towards himself, his one hand rested on her bare waist and the other was holding her hand. He kissed on her forehead. His touch felt comfortable and his kiss felt relaxing. She gave a deep sigh, she wanted to hug him tight but she couldn’t. His eyes bore into her; she could see love and care in his blue eyes. They were so deep, she got lost in them; he could feel her stare on his chest.

Suddenly the phone rang; she was pulled out of her thoughts. She felt embarrassed and ran to pick the call. She picked the phone without looking at the caller id, her eyes still fixed at him. She could see he was mad at the phone. She heard a faint, familiar hello from the other side. Coming back to her senses, she looked at the caller id. It was Amora; she felt pangs of anger and irritation. She remembered asking everyone at the office not to call her tonight, for any reason. She was ready to rebuke her, but before she could say anything, she heard Amora sobbing. Jacey immediately knew that something was terribly wrong because Amora was the calmest person she has ever known. She knew that it wasn’t easy to get her scared; Jacey could feel that Amora was scared. “Amora, you okay?” she asked. “Ma’a….Ma’am sorry for calling you so late.”” It’s okay, Amora;” her voice was shaky, she could hear her sobs, “Calm down. Just breathe and tell me what’s wrong.” Even on phone, she could feel Amora’s heart pondering against her chest. The silence was making Jacey nervous; she could see that even Alec was growing tensed.” Its mamma….” Amora paused again as if trying to collect her senses, “I can’t find her pulse. There is blood all over. I…I think she is murdered, I don’t know what to do.” Amora’s words hit Jacey hard; she grabbed the bed post and sank in the bed. She couldn’t believe her ears; she waited for the information to set in. Then putting herself together she told Amora, “Don’t worry, I’m on my way. Just calm down; okay. I will be there in 10 minutes.” She picked her purse from the side table and stashed some cash and her phone in it. Alec was already waiting at the door; he could see something was wrong. “Aunt Jenny is dead, Amora said she couldn’t find her pulse and that the place was covered with blood,” she told him while locking the house. She observed that even he was taken aback, but unlike her, he was good at controlling his emotions at times like this. They almost ran down the road and jumped into his police jeep. He drove with the siren on. She could feel tears on her cheeks; he noticed them too. He reached out for her hand and squeezed it. He didn’t say anything; he didn’t have to, because his eyes said it all. She closed her eyes and thought about Aunt Jenny, who was almost like family. Five years ago, when Jacey was damaged beyond repair and came to Goa, it was Aunt Jenny and Alec who had helped her survive. They stood by her as she saved herself and supported her journey from a broken girl to the famous private investigator in Goa. She still couldn’t believe that Aunt Jenny was gone. “Are we there yet,” she asked him. She was trying to get into a conversation because right now she was afraid of silence. “Not yet,” he replied, his hand still on her hands. “You okay,” he asked her; “I don’t know, do I look okay?” He shook his head.

It took them less than 10 minutes to reach at Aunt Jenny’s place. Amora was sitting on the porch, her face had turned white from shock, and sadness had clouded her features. Her lip trembled and her eyes burned as she tried to keep her tears at bay. Jacey dashed towards her with Alec close on her heels. Amora broke into tears and hid herself in Jacey’s arms. She couldn’t voice her words, she just pointed towards the house. Alec took the lead while Jacey was comforting Amora. He was careful not to smudge the fingerprints when he turned the knob of the door. The door that usually opened to beautiful home, today opened to a messy crime scene. Jacey followed Alec inside wearing gloves. She had never thought even in her wildest dreams that one day she would be investigating the death scene of her Aunt Jenny. Even though, she did not have any blood relations with Aunt Jenny, Jacey was very fond of her and even Jenny treated Jacey like her daughter. Jacey always felt that she was with her mother whenever she was around aunt Jenny. And today her aunt was lying on the floor lifeless, in a pool of blood. This wasn’t the first crime scene that Jacey had witnessed but she still felt woozy at the sight of Aunt Jenny’s body. Aunty Jenny was lying on the floor strangled; her eyes wide open with the droopy eyelids. Her face and neck were swollen. Lips were swollen and bruised from the left corner. Clear fingerprints were visible on her neck along with the marks of scratches. There was a penetration wound of some sharp object; probably from a knife, in the abdomen. This wound had bled a lot but was not sufficient enough to kill her; probably that’s why the killer strangled her. There was medium velocity spatter of blood near the sofa which meant that she was standing near it when she was first attacked. On the basis of the traces of blood and the condition of room, it was evident that she had not died without putting up a scuffle. After the first attack, she must have tried to balance her body with the help of side table near the sofa because; it also had blood stains on it. Also, the glass flower vase kept on the table was now lying shattered on the floor with droplets of blood on it.

Alec’s team came and were busy searching the crime scene while Alec and Jacey were talking to Amora. She was still in shock. “I was home by 11:30 from office. I rang the bell and waited for momma to open the gate. She usually waits for me to have dinner. She didn’t answer the bell even when I rang it thrice. I thought maybe she is unwell and slept so I opened the door with my set of keys. I was shocked when I switched on the lights of the hall. She was lying on the floor, I ran to find her pulse. I …I just couldn’t find it.” She broke down into tears and covered her eyes with hands. Jacey felt sorry for her but she could only comfort her in the fact that the killer will be caught soon and will be behind bars. Amora continued, “I made sure that the killer was not in the house, I double checked all the rooms and the back door-it was locked. Then I called you.”

“Don’t worry, Amora, we will soon catch the person who did this. I want to ask you something, did she had any enemies or anyone you could think of who, you know, have a motive to do this?” while Alec was questioning Amora, Jacey wandered off in the hall making observations for anything unusual, anything which was out of order. She saw that Alec’s team was clicking pictures of the crime scene. There was nothing out of order; she had been to the house thousands of times before so she could tell for sure that nothing was unusual. She went out of the house to talk to the neighbours. Though she was sure that no one could have seen anything because Jenny’s house was covered by long trees all over but she was ready to take the chances.

Alec was done talking to Amora, now he moved towards the body to examine it closely. He could feel the pangs of anger, Jenny was family, and whoever did this would face his wrath. He promised himself that he would make the killer pay for what he has done. So far, his investigation had not produced many clues other than the fact that no one has tempered with the locks of the house- which meant that either Jenny let the killer in and that she knew the killer personally; another possibility was that the killer had the duplicate keys of the house. The chances of former being true were less because he knew that Jenny was not a people’s person. Other than him and Jacey, Jenny rarely talked to anyone; so, the only possibility left was of the duplicate key. “Amora, get me both the keys and some alcohol.” “What are you doing Alec,” Jacey asked him from behind, peeking over his shoulder, trying to get a clear view. “I’m trying to find answers,” he replied without looking up. Then looking up, after completing what he was doing, he said more to himself,” We will have to check with local blacksmiths, because there are no traces of soap or wax on these keys. Amora you don’t have more spare keys. Do you?” “No,” she replied immediately. ” Hmm, so now we have to check with each and every blacksmith’s memory,” Jacey commented.

Jacey saw something shining under the sofa, bending down she saw that it was a broken bracelet-a familiar bracelet. She felt chills running down her spine; it can’t be she thought. She couldn’t believe her eyes; she felt as if the bracelet was winking at her and telling her that her past is back. Alec noticed that she has found something; he asked her “What is it?” “I made your work easier; this probably belongs to the killer, it must have come off during his scuffle with aunt. This will enhance the memory of blacksmith and we can have the sketch of the killer,” she replied while staring at the bracelet. He felt as if she was hiding something, he saw a tinge a confusion, fear and anger in her eyes while she was talking. He knew that she wouldn’t tell until she is sure that what she is thinking is true. This was the benefit of working with each other since the last four years; they could understand each other’s expression such that words were not needed to communicate at times.

“Amora, I think that you should stay at my place, at least until the investigation is complete. I will get your stuff and then Alec can drop us home,” Jacey suggested.

“I… I don’t know, “Amora still hadn’t come out of the trauma of her mother’s death; after all Jenny was all she had. Her father had died when she was a child. Alec tried to persuade her “Jacey is right Amora, you are not alone. You have us. I give you my word, we will catch Jenny’s killer as soon as possible. But before that it is important for us to make sure that you are all right.” Amora took few minutes to think, before she replied,” You are right, I can’t stay in this house, not anymore. It will be too painful” Jacey packed some of Amora’s clothes and her essentials while Alec and his team were making arrangements to take the body for post-mortem. After the night’s commotion was over, Alec dropped Jacey and Amora home. They were all tired and knew that they had a busy day ahead of them…. Jacey was still asleep when Alec came home to wake her up and have breakfast. This was their routine since last five years. Alec would come at Jacey’s place wake her up, then they would have breakfast together. He sat beside her on the bed and kissed her head. “Good morning,” he whispered in her ears. She nodded and drooled over him. He smiled and admired her beauty in silence.

Amora was silent at the breakfast table. It was as though she felt uncomfortable in the world itself. She glanced up to the ceiling to avoid the tears from flowing down her eyes. The growing silence at the table made her feel vulnerable and uneasy. “So, what’s our next move?” she asked breaking the silence after all. “Well, you are staying home and we are going to follow the blacksmith and bracelet lead,” Jacey replied while helping herself with a glass of orange juice and sandwich. “No way, I’m not staying at home. My mother was murdered so I’m involved in the investigation as much as you are. I can handle this, trust me,” Amora sounded quite confident, “Further if I stay at home, I might go mad.” “She is right, Jacey. She has a right to know what happened. I think she will feel good if she is the one catching the killer,” Alec commented.

“Okay, fine with me,” Jacey stood up and cleared the table, “I have informed everyone at the office, they will be helping your team, Alec, in questioning the blacksmiths. I have forwarded them the photo of the bracelet. And as far as I’m concerned, I will be sitting in my cabin and thinking. Alec, I need the photos of the crime scene.” She was done with clearing the table and washing the dishes and was ready to leave for the office. “You were there at the crime scene, then why do you need the photos?” Alec asked; his brows knitted. He never understood her way of investigation. He believed in getting out and investigating- digging the dirt; she on the other hand was like Poirot, she sat on a comfortable chair with all information in front of her and exercised her grey cells. Jacey shrugged and said “I still need them. By the way when will the forensics send the post-mortem report?” Closing the door behind him, “You will have the photos waiting on your desk when you reach the cabin and the forensics will send the report by afternoon. I have told them to mail it on your id, so check it around 2. Should I drop you?” he was winking at her. She smiled and said, “Thanks, but no thanks take Amora with you. I will be riding my bike.”

Amora and Alec went to pursue the only leads that they had till now. They won’t come empty handed she thought. She rode her bike to the office; it was pretty much empty. She had sent everyone to help Alec. She knew he could do this alone but that would take time and she didn’t want to waste any of it. She wanted the killer behind the bars as soon as possible; she sat on her chair in the cabin and rang the bell for the maid to bring her black coffee. Sipping her coffee, she was looking out from the window of her cabin. She was thinking about the bracelet she saw at the crime scene. She had no doubt that the bracelet belonged to his gang. She had thought that she was done with him and his gang. Five years ago, when she left her hometown, she had left him for good. She was confused about his connection with Aunt Jenny. The more she thought about him, the more irritated she felt. She had removed him from her life for good, then why was he coming back. Maybe I’m over thinking, maybe this is a bad coincidence she thought. But her sixth sense was telling her that this is too much to be a coincidence. She felt as if she was missing something. Biting her lip, she reached out for the folder that Alec’s man had left for her. It contained the photos of the crime scene. She reminded herself, of what she had learned from her experience as a private investigator. The solution lies in the beginning itself. She examined each and every photo carefully twice, thrice until she found a clue. She banged her head on the desk. How come she had missed this, she asked herself. She took her bike keys and the keys to Aunt Jenny’s home and dashed out of the office….

Alec and Amora were finally successful in cracking the lead. They had found the blacksmith who had made the duplicate keys. The blacksmith identified the broken bracelet and had helped in making the sketch of the person who had asked him to make the duplicate keys. Alec was standing in the police station with Amora by her side. He was holding the sketch of the person. Their suspect was tall and dark, he had a scar on the left side of his face which started from the above of eye brows and stretched to the nose. He wore a stud in his right ear and kept a French beard. Alec had already asked his men to scan the face in their criminal database and he was trying his memory…. It took Jacey 15 minutes to reach at Aunt Jenny’s place. Jacey parked her bike outside the gate and dashed inside. She was sure that this was a lead-a clue that Aunt Jenny had left behind. She went to the place where her Aunt was found lying dead on the floor. Fortunately, the blood was still there. She could clearly see the cross on the blood and a small shaky J; she sank down on the floor and ran her hands through her hairs. Her mind was racing, she knew this was a clue but what did it mean. Her eyes surveyed the hall, there has to be something, somewhere…. Cross and a J, what could it possibly mean. Think, Jacey think, she told herself, think harder. Her eyes were wandering and then suddenly she saw the cross in the hall. Of course, Jesus crucified on the cross she told herself. Aunt Jenny was a believer. Jacey went towards the cross; she had never had a close look at the cross. It was craved on a piece of wood. It was a beauty. What she couldn’t understand was that why Aunt Jenny would make a cross and a J in her blood while dying. She felt as if this was a wild goose chase. Unconsciously she touched the cross and was taken aback when it moved. There she saw there was a locker behind it. She was shocked; she knew every inch of the house but had never seen the locker before. It was password protected. She rushed to Amora’s room and brought talcum powder and her makeup brush. Then she carefully brushed powder on the numbers, immediately she could see the fingerprints on numbers 2,4,7,8. She tried all possible arrangement and was successful in opening the locker. Inside the locker, she found an old journal and some old photographs. Her jaw dropped, the colour drained out of her face when she saw the photographs. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She stashed the photographs and the journal in her bag; her eyes burned with anger, she could feel tears dropping on her cheeks. She locked the door and turned her bike on. She had to get out of here. She needed some time to absorb what she had just discovered….

The sketch matched with the criminal records of a person named Max. Alec and Amora were trying to figure out how to catch him when his phone rang. It was from Jacey’s office. “Yup what is it, Jacey” he asked.

“Sir, this is Julie. Ma’am isn’t here. She is not picking her cell. I thought maybe she was with you.”” No, she is not with me, she should be in the office,” Alec was confused.” Sir, the maid said that ma’am went running off to somewhere after looking at the photos from crime scene. She also informed that ma’am looked upset.” Alec’s mind raced, where she could be. “Okay, I will check at Jenny’s place.” He kept the phone in the pocket and told Amora “Jacey is not in her office, she is not picking her phone. We are heading to your place to check.” Amora followed him without saying anything which was good for him. He was worried about Jacey; she usually picks her phone.

Once inside Jenny’s home, he knew that Jacey had been there; because he found her phone on the dining table. He also saw the safe open. “I didn’t know there was a safe here,” he said to Amora. Her reply surprised him, “I didn’t either.” He looked inside but only to find it empty. Whatever was in it, Jacey took it with her, he thought. His mind was racing, Jacey would have informed him, if she had found a clue. It wasn’t her temperament to hide things; she hated secrets, for obvious reasons. Then why did she not inform him about her discovery. He remembered that earlier last night she was trying to hide something. He was walking to and fro in the hall, thinking. What can it be, where is Jacey he thought. Her phone was still lying on the table. She wasn’t the type who forget to pick her things. And still here was her phone. This meant that she was upset; upset enough to forget her phone. He immediately knew where she was. ” Amora, I’m going to find Jacey. I think I know where she is. You wait at the office until I call you.” He didn’t even wait for her reply; he was in a hurry. Jacey needed him; he could feel it. He found her in the cemetery; he knew she comes here whenever she was upset. He could hear her sobs, she looked miserable…

Jacey heard footsteps approaching her; she turned to find that it was Alec. She ran and hugged him so tightly that he was taken off the balance. He hugged her back. She felt so comfortable; all her pain, guilt vanished into thin air. He waited for her to stop crying and then he reached for her face. He held it in his hand and wiped her tears. She squeezed her eyes shut and said, “She died because of me; Aunt Jenny died because of me, Alec.” She opened her eyes slowly and saw that his face was covered with confusion. She reached for her bag and showed him the photographs that she had found earlier. ” This,” she sighed and pointed to the lady standing next to Jenny in the photo, “is my mother, Clara.” Alec gasped; Jacey was dead ringer of her mother. Then showing him another photo in which Jenny was holding a three-year-old baby, she said, “This is Jenny holding me. She knew me much before our meeting five years ago. She was my nanny. She knew that I was Clara’s daughter,” she was trying to push back her tears,” No wonder she treated me like her daughter.” Jacey was finding it difficult to speak; her tears refused to stay in her eyes. Alec tried to comfort her, she continued, “The best of the shock is yet to come, Alec. You want to know the motive behind Jenny’s murder. Well, I can tell you. Jenny aka Jennifer, her real name, witnessed a murder- of none other than my mother.” Alec was baffled. “Hold your breath, Alec, you are about to have a heart attack. You want to know who killed my mother- my father. The very person I’m running from, the king of drug mafia, the “Alpha”, he killed my mother,” she broke down into tears and dropped down on her knees, her arms hugging around her chest.

He was devastated to see her like this; he couldn’t see tears in her eyes. He bent down and cuddled her. She spoke in between her sobs, “That bracelet which we found under the sofa, it belonged to his gang. It’s his trademark; I recognized it yesterday itself but I didn’t know the link so I didn’t say anything.” She reached for the journal and wiping her tears with her sleeve, she continued,” Everything is written in this journal, how he killed my mother, how Aunt Jenny left Delhi and settled here in Goa and how she met me Five years ago. She has written that I…. I reminded her of my mother.” Alec finally broke his silence and told her,” Jacey, I know this is not the correct time to ask but I have to know,” he produced the sketch from the inside pocket of his leather jacket and showed her,” This is Max. A blacksmith recognised him and testified that he asked him to make a duplicate key.” Jacey snatched the sketch from his hands and said,” How can I forget him, I know him very well. This scar that you see on his face is my farewell gift to him. When father learned that I had discovered his secret and was leaving Delhi, he sent Max- his right hand, to stop me. It was then when I gave him this scar. It means that I was right, he not only killed my mother but he also killed Aunt Jenny.” Tears were flooding in her eyes,” He destroyed my family, he ruined everything. I spent five years to collect my senses from the shock he gave me, when I learned that he is the king of drug mafia. And now when I had finally moved on in my life, he comes back, that too killing people I care about.” ” We won’t let him walk away this time. You have my word-I will hunt him down and arrest him, no matter what.”

“I have already lost so much, Alec. I can’t lose you, I just can’t,” she was concerned and he could see that in her eyes. ” Hey, look at me,” he pulled her face towards himself and gazed in her eyes, “You won’t lose me.” He kissed her on her forehead and embraced her. She hugged him back and said, “Let’s finish this for once and for all.” “Hmmm, but how?” he responded, he could see that she was cooking up a plan. “I know how. Let’s go to my office.” His looks changed immediately he reached for her waist and with mischief in his eyes he said, “Let’s ride your bike. I’ll drive and you can hold me tight, very tight,” he winked at her. She blushed and tossed her hairs back, “What about your jeep?” He acted as if he was thinking and said, “Ahem, I will send someone to pick it up later.” She knew that there was no way she could refuse him so she agreed. In fact, even she was looking for a chance to flirt with him. All this had made her realise Alec’s importance in her life. She reached out for his hands and said, “Alec when this all of is over; I want you to take me to a beautiful place where it’s just you, me and nature.” His eyes lit up, “Deal.”

Once in the office, Jacey wanted to confirm that the Alpha was in Goa; though she was sure. She asked her team to track his phone number. It was difficult to track it; probably because he was using some sort of location blocker to cover his tracks. But her team was successful in tracking him. Her guess was right, he was in Goa. Now all she had to do was to end the game and cut the chase; and call him. Alec was against her plan; he felt that it was too dangerous to walk into the lion’s den. ” You can’t do this, Jacey. I won’t let you put yourself in danger.” “We don’t have a choice, Alec. If you have a better way of arresting him, do tell me. I’m all ears.” “We will find another way, Jacey.” ” It will take time to find way, damnit. Till then he will leave Goa, probably even the country. Let me do this, Alec. I trust you and I want you to trust me. Can you do that?” He nodded “I do trust you but…” she interrupted him, “Then I promise you, we will be fine. I won’t be going alone; you will be coming with me.” “Fine,” he said reluctantly.

She called him and placed the phone on speaker, “Hello dad.” “Well, well, well, if it isn’t my darling daughter.” She felt uncomfortable, she felt as though he knew that she would be calling him. “I missed you sweetheart, did you,” he waited for her reply when she didn’t reply he continued,” I doubt that you missed me. You found your nanny and that stupid cop, now, what’s his name, ah, Alec. Well, I must thank you sweetie, for finding Jennifer, for me.” She placed her lower lip between her teeth and said, “Dad.” “Yes, sweetie.” ” Let’s cut the chase Dad and meet. You come with Max and I will come along with Alec. I will be expecting you at 6 in my office and I also expect that you won’t be playing any games,” without waiting for his reply, she hung upon him.

He was there on time. He hasn’t changed much, she thought. He still has the attitude of a king. He was named rightly, the Alpha. He was an Alpha. There was a time when she admired his attitude and royalty but that was before she knew his dark secrets. Now she only hated him, enough to kill him; but she won’t do that, she won’t take law in her hands. He came towards her and took a good look at her and the office. “Well, well, well, you look just like her but I do hope you are not like her. Her ethics got her killed. She wanted to turn me over to the police. It’s such a shame; she was a beauty. I miss her, do you?” He gave her a crooked smile and hit his shades on his head, “Ahhh, how stupid of me to forget, you never got a chance to know her.” He was enjoying the pain he had inflicted on her. He looked at Alec for the first time and said, “You are not planning to spend your life with him, Jace, are you? Never mind. Soo, why did you called me, did you missed daddy or royalty,” then faking that he was shocked, he continued, “Don’t tell me that you are planning to hand me over to the police, “he said pointing towards Alec. He laughed and then suddenly he took out his gun and pointed it towards them. ” I can finish this now” before he could complete his sentence, Jacey interupted,” You won’t.” He moved towards her and joked, “I thought you had forgotten how to speak,” and then laughed at his own joke. Giving his serious look to Jacey, he said,” I can kill you both in fraction of second and I wouldn’t even feel remorse.” “I’m your daughter, you can’t kill me.” He gave another of his crocked smile, “It’s such a shame; you underestimated your father. I did kill your mother, didn’t I? After all, I’m the Alpha, I can do the hell I want to do” he suspended his arms in the air and looked up, then looking at Jacey he turned his head to a side, “I thought you would be smarter than Clara. You have disappointed me darling.” “You can’t run from the law Dad or should I call you Alpha. You ruined our family. Your time is up, this time you won’t be able to run” Jacey yelled. Alec broke his silence, “Put your gun down, Alpha and surrender yourself.” He laughed as if Alec had cracked a joke, “Surrender, you must be out of your mind. And as for you darling,” he looked at Jacey; his looks sent chills down her spine,” I didn’t ruin our family. It was your darling Jennifer who poisoned Clara’s mind against me and she being a fool that she was, heeded to her advice. She started asking questions and soon found out who I was. I tried to convince her but she just wouldn’t listen. She left me with no choice but to kill her. And now you are doing the same. So, I will have to kill you too.” He moved towards her but Alec came in between with his gun and warned, “Drop your gun now or I will shoot.” Jacey could feel adrenaline increasing in her body, her heart beat fastened. She knew that Alpha won’t back off and she didn’t want Alec to get hurt. She pushed Alec out of the way just in time; Alpha fired the bullet and it pierced her left shoulder. She screamed in pain, blood was gushing out of the bullet wound and it burned. She saw Alec taking aim on Alpha; his bullet hit him in the head. Alec came running to her and supported her;” I’m fi….ne, Alec, Max.” He looked up and saw that Max was running. He fired another bullet which hit Max in his chest….

When Jacey woke up she was in hospital, Alec was asleep beside her. She didn’t wake him up. It’s over she thought. She tried to get up; she couldn’t move her shoulder. After a lot of effort, she was able to sit, she ran her hands through his hair. I love you, she whispered in his ears and smiled………

by Jasmeet Kaur

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