Poetry: Void

I know I need something

I know I need something

I feel my own self searching for a solution

I want to talk a bit, and I was thinking...

how can I fill the empty glass laying there

when the air itself is leaving,

it wants something bigger to get lost in...

You tell me the way of fulfillment my friend,

through the night I seek myself and peace

can we both meet in that middle

Something restless in me,

I want it to last longer now

this is the only time I take part in a game

when the world remains silent

and I am not afraid of oblivion

If you say enough with that, I listen

how can I be astonished

little do I need to recognize my minuteness

I know I need to become my own queen first

before I rise,

everything else is possible!

- Laureta Rexha

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