Recalling The Lost Beauty Of Incredible India

India, a diverse nation with a vast history. A place that has invariably attracted people of all types of sects, castes, and religions. If anyone could not visit, he must have read or heard about it. The essential reason for this is that the Indians are migrating and settling down in other countries, and since time immemorial, by our inventions, we have inevitably left our prominent mark in the world. The magnificent waterfalls, majestic mountains, fauna, flora, culture, art, history, and what else cannot be called any less than heaven. At the same time, the arrival of foreign people here, adopting the religions, and settling down shows the beauty of the place.

Undeniably, India is a developing country which has become a part of the rat race where we are continually competing with the world by making weapons to protect ourselves from other countries, searching for something new to know our tradition, culture and history more deeply. However, we have forgotten to revere and realise the prestige of our heritage and the natural beauty of our surroundings in this process of experimentation. 

Our Incredible India is immensely known for its heritage and legacy, which is overshadowed by the glamour of the large cities. The small towns here may not provide all the luxurious ease and modern comfort as some big metro cities ordinarily do. It is one of the crucial reasons why we lack knowledge of the significant aspects and essence of our culture. How many of us go to our native villages during holidays or some remote places to discover absolute beauty, divine nature and get hold of the history and our cultural roots, rather than going to adventure parks of Mumbai and Delhi or some prominent monumental areas like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Victoria Memorial, The Mall Road, Hawa Mahal? It’s apparent to fall in love with the impressive grandeur of notable sites, as they have their historical significance. But what about the alluring charm of the cultural villages and small towns? Who reasonably knows if we will end up, fortunately, discovering something more valuable than the Philosopher’s stone.

Qutub Minar

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

A profuse amount of foreign travel websites have written about poverty, unemployment, superstitions, and many more by just roaming through two or three roads and resulted in fashioning generalised assumptions and formation of stereotypes of land being worthless, except for the vast metro cities retaining multinational companies, spacious bungalows, places with great DJ nights and enormous shopping malls.

As the infamous mindsets go: things obtained with difficulty are supposed to be sweet. These places are only dotted because it is laborious to retain your identity here, and people have no time for their friends and family. These fascinating places do not even exclude the local people, as the shiny lights lure everyone. So precisely, are we by calling ourselves heritage lovers of India, and appreciate its legacy?

Unquestionably, we can associate with the crucial Battle of Haldighati, but how many of us have visited the Haldighati to feel the real bravery of our warrior? In preference, we often plan to go to Leh or Ladakh with those bullet rides, but places like Kokermag, Akhnoor we barely cross our minds because they are not mainstream.

Haldighati, Udaipur

Do we know that Toda village in Ooty is the foundation of Ooty? Mayang village on the banks of river Brahmaputra, which is the birthplace of Black Magic. The 2nd longest wall in World, The Kumbhalgarh Fort, Mawsynram village near the Bay of Bengal is the wettest place on Earth with 11,873 millimetres of rain annually. That hundred acres of tea farms in Assam and looking at men living their home after marriage and shifting to the bride house in Tripura is something which can happen merely in India. This place is more than those significant buildings, hot bathtub, the comfort of those lifts and noise. 

Toda Village

Tea Gardens, Assam

The Kumbhalgarh Fort

Talking and reading about these places may convey you enough knowledge. But the authentic understanding and learning about the essence of beauty which lies in the roots here, cannot be provided by any books or articles.

We need to experience the real magic around ourselves by actually stepping foot in these places. Starting from the elusive scent of moist soil to the pungent air of the everlasting mountains, from the farmland to the narrow house, produces a peculiar impression and a profound experience. No doubt, going to mighty cities and listening to rock music is fun but in possible comparison to listening to songs of your culture from the real artists is plunging into a whole new unique world. The magic in the voice, great artworks caressing your hands is the sheer pleasure of life. And preeminently, the love and affection we feel among the aesthetic beauty matter the most. It can merely happen in incredible India. 

By Nandini Goyal

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