Shadow – Keerti Manoj

The storm did pass, 
And the fire did stop, 
Still something lingers there, 
Or was it just me?
The Wobbly legs 
And Drooping eyes 
Kept on warning me to stop 
Done sinking into my sea; 
My personal sea of self-doubt.

Walking back home 
The air still stinks, 
Of smoke and ash; 
Yet the dark was fresh 
Dressed in silence and calm. 
Passing by the doors of memories, 
I could listen to the invisible, 
Yet strange footsteps close; 
Only to find again, the hidden fears 
Haunting my way back home.

 Darkness couldn't scare me anymore 
But the echoes could and always do; 
Like those echoes of past 
Like those echoes of pain.
Betrayed by the nausea, 
Hit by waves of exhaustion, 
Finally, I closed my eyes 
To find shelter, in those cold arms. 
Letting sleep take over me, 
Silencing the disturbed mind, 
Again, I reminded myself, 
It was real, yet a harmless shadow; 
A living shadow from an old nightmare. 
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