The Broken Wings

Walking onto the undiscovered path,

All alone with the sight of a cloudy sky

I kept glancing around the yellow fields,

Realizing the fate of this world with a sigh.

The flickering street lights looked like the shining stars

Not a thing could be seen under the dark shadows of the large, old trees.

What I could see was fog all around

And could feel the cold breeze.

Those footsteps led to the opposite path to what the sign-board said.

I followed them and soon made my way into the light.

I let my thoughts and perspectives out for the world to see,

And closed my ears and eyes, leaving behind their talks and that awful sight.

That light brought me satisfaction but not happiness.

It brought a smile on my face as well as a broken heart.

It brought me the greatest pleasures but not freedom,

Leaving me like an empty shell, setting me apart.

At times, black seems to be brighter than white;

And I wish to walk alone on that unexplored path

with the lights that flickered around the corner,

and with the shadow ensuing me on the footpath…

By Avreen Kaur

Image source- Google


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