The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot It’s been days, clubbed in months,Amidst the breeze, my golden curls,I saw, and I knew, counting on my nerves,But somewhere, there I stand of the fortune I heard,That a chariot awaits in the beauty hone,The same, in which I saw my sister gone!
Yet I hold my breath, with my eyes twinkling,“Grown-up, she is”, heard them whispering!They talked of profit, of I knew their misery,I wished I could help.. never knew, I am The profit,I Heard them fight, Heard them shout,Closed my mystical eyes, and wished everything’s all right!
The next day, I saw..they had me displayed,I boast proudly and thought the Chariot awaits,I thought of my sister and the dreams I foresee,For my pupil dilated, when I saw them bargaining,Overwhelmed by my admiration, Lost in the fallacy,But before I dream next, the BUTCHER brought me the Chariot!BY TUSHANT BARANWAL

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