The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

Do you sometimes feel that everything in your life is not in the right place? Do you feel left out? Do you think the strength in your body abandons you in the exact hour of need?

Don't worry! I won't talk about religious practices here. I want to bring your attention to one of the most neglected aspects of life – Perception.

Imagine a door; one that is six and a half feet in height and two and a half feet in width; quite a big door, isn't it? This door is nothing like the ones we have at home. The mahogany arch structure is beautifully ornate with intricate designs, similar to the ones we see on the hands of a bubbling, happy bride. The wood is warm, perhaps from the sun's rays continually showering it with light, and you brush your hands on the designs, admiring its beauty.

What do you expect to see and experience when you open the door? A lush green garden, buoyant with a massive assortment of flower beds of vibrant, variant colors; there, standing tall and proud in the middle of the garden, is a charming house. No! Home….! You see your family sitting on the veranda, playing board games, sipping hot cups of coffee, and laughing without no concern for troubles or problems. Is this what you expect to see beyond the vast wall of a door?

There's a proverb that goes like this, The grass is always greener on the other side. It often points out how much we ignore the treasures that we have in hand and search for ones that "seem" to exist on the other side. Does that really exist? Or is it time that we change our perspective of the world we live in?

This is true for everything, from finding new jobs and getting into an expensive school to search for new habitable planets in the universe. Ever stopped for a second and tried to take in the positive aspects of life? I won't say I am perfect enough to write about this; but, the door that is as huge as a sturdy wall which stands in front of you and me, restricting us; trying to trap us in concentric circles of comfort zones, is what is to be discovered primarily. Once we know where and how the wall is built, we can find ways to get over it; the word "intellectual beings" come into play in this phase. In short, what we think, is a door to greener pastures of a land flowing with milk, honey, and gold is nothing but where we unconsciously desire to be, and it is possible to reach such a place.

Perseverance is a word always in tune with perception; if you have the determination to persevere beyond the obstacles we have in hand, our perception of every issue that we face would be different.

Let's put the above attributes into imaginative action, which can eventually be the action that you take shortly; you might even be halfway through it. For all those at crossroads, in a massive dilemma as to what path they should choose, we can divide the blank page into two even if you are in your fifties. Yes! Just two. As the saying goes, "It's either you do it, or you don't!"

Now, imagine the life you would have if you had chosen a specific path and vice versa. In most cases, where people hesitate to take risks, often defined by your peers and your family as "impossible" or "you don't have the skillset and the caliber to do so," and many more catch-22 situations that the mob comes up with, the accomplishment of such tasks might be much similar to the green pastures that one might have imagined beyond that door.

To sum up, what exactly is the factor that holds us back; that prevents us from going through that door; that restrains us from creating the prosperous pastures where we stand? Can we not build upon the already existing skillset? Can we not level up with the experience we have gained so far? Is it necessary to search for other green fields, deserting what we had in hand, starting from zero? Be it twenty or fifty, the perception of life would be the same, that is, "I can do it!" or "I don't think I am up for it"; open that door, look around, admire and close it or you could take that one little step. Would you use the built of that magnificent door to your advantage, or would you wait for someone "better" than you to open and venture out?

So, which one would you choose?

By Sherina Sara Joy

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