The Superhero

Standing still with the fluttering cape,

With a gloomy mask and eyes so dark,

Yet did they show some light.

On the roof, in the shadows,

in the misty breeze,

stood he in the starry night.

The memory was sudden,

and yet so calm,

was he caught in surprise –

The day was rough, as it’s always been,

Family did curse, friend called names,

and there was she, with almond eyes,

the beautiful smile, but Alas!!

The world and she, both were same,

Just as beautiful and just as mean.

Yes, the world was mean,

life so rough!

But he was the hero,

Always righteous, always tough.

So he started giving

what he never received,

The mask was donned,

now the world got deceived.

Here began his acts of good:

The pup was frail and lost,

small and beady eyed,

Or the old man on his footpath,

who empty, lost and cried.

With hands on waist and destiny above,

Finally he arrived,

Pup was fed and man was sent,

only then he sighed.

The cell did beep, reality surfaced,

The cape and mask were,

but imagination,

Yet memories and pain- just as real.

The dinner was ready, he was late,

Thought he with fright,

Afraid and panting- then he ran,

He the hero, His own Dark Knight.

~ Akash Raj Singh

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