The love of my Life A part of my bite I want to paint him in milk and black. Lick him like honey and burn like ash. Bite his lips and touch his tongue. Touch my body like you know my secrets. Heal me like you are the right medicine. I wanna die of that orgasmic pleasure. I am somebody, Anyone can do anything. Touch me again. Feel me again. Give me that orgasm, stronger than ever. Burst my vein, pain. Take it away. Take the musk of my women breast. Cover me in your sweat. I Wanna drench in your sweat,quench all my thirst. I want to explore, Explode from that pleasure. I want to go far, very far. I wanna make love with you in all skin colours. White, black, yellow. Make me feel like a queen and a slave. A homosexual or straight. Want to be a dominatrix and the victim. Give me all of it. Give me that pleasure, Of a virgin or a prostitute. I want to draw us naked. Like a vision of my paradise. Let me burst in all that orgasm and pleasure. Open up your heart, your body, all that pleasure, confusion, let it be mine. I wanna be yours, Tonight.


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