(Tremendous activity in the cerebrum and another second, a pin drop silence.)

Can’t I just take a break? Break from? Endless gibberish and maverick ? thoughts? Maybe. No, you have only invited that. How can you take a break from me? Why not? You are hell confusing. You register all my thoughts haphazardly and then bring up the wrong ones at wrong times! I am flexible in taking information in me. At least give me the authority to show them to you when and as I want to. Has anyone ever won in an argument with you? You got that right. Anyway. (a dramatic pause)

Promise, you will answer me honestly. Shoot. I know that my life is in my own hands. But when I am determined to follow a plan to set everything right, why do you never let that happen? You never give me enough inspiration to follow it. But it’s very important to me. Can’t you cooperate with me? What will I get if I follow your plan? Umm… ? (silence for 7 seconds)

Leave this. I’ll handle that on my own. You know, I have to leave my comfort zone for you. So that you can experience everything and develop yourself. Then why should I help you, I hate being in that position every time! Because I want you to overcome all your fears. See I am not that selfish after all. Yes! Fear! That’s also because of you only. (Sad) No one likes me. No one understands me. You are the only person, I am reliable on. You have made me. Sorry that I am a disappointment. (Sadder) No! I am barmy. How can I blame you? Its all my fault. I apologize for being such a dork. It’s alright. Have you forgotten the parts when I make you happy by showing you the best memories? (She smiled) How can I forget all that? Those are the best times. You give me the infinite sometimes and you know what, I can base my whole life on that. That’s all you. I have put some extra effort though. (Giggles) Yes, you have. I understand you so well. You are wicked and clumsy in the most special way possible. Is that a complement? I have to think over it and display my views to you on this. No, please don’t overthink. You make me sick sometimes. You never get tired. Do you? Just because you never let me. We are in this together. (Winks) 😉

by Jasnoor Kaur

#jasnoorkaur #story #together

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