Whispering Murmurs

Last night I heard the night whisper, 

To the moon, “Darling aren’t you in glee, 

You shall be in my arms for long now, 

And we shall make love for eternity”, 

She then silently whispered into the, 

Ears of her sole lover, “My dearest I am” 

The night smiled and filling her into, 

His embrace he asked, “Tell me aren’t, 

You feeling richer now, for the day who, 

Was evermore thy foe, shall soon sink, 

Into the abyss of the horizon, no longer it, 

Shall be able to keep us far, oh! My sweet, 

Beloved our glory days shall reach far,” 

And again I heard her whisper calmly, 

While kissing gently on night’s brawny, 

Cheeks, “Yes my dearest lover, I do”, 

And I saw the night’s chest swelling in, 

Pride, he then held her tighter as she, 

Sighed, her cheeks blushing greyer, 

The night then said with a frown, “promise, 

Me my sweetheart, that thy love stays same, 

Even when its summer and winter’s game, 

The rain is the most callous, it hides you in, 

His darkest veil, those are my murky days, 

When I can’t glance, the iridescent body, 

Thus, my love, my head remains ever, 

Bowed to the autumn, he is the kindest, 

Mate, yes! My beloved, I hear the autumns, 

Footsteps around the corner, I am eager aren’t you”, 

The moon shyly hid her face into night’s embrace, 

And replied in the most innocent voice, “Yes, my, 

Love I am”, soon she got merged into the darkest, 

Veil of night, Twain lovers got lost into another, 

Realm of making love, silence prevailing all over, 

As far my eyes could see, I only saw the most, 

Ravenous night, I then left the lovers in, 

Their solace, getting inside the duvet I thanked, 

Them, for telling the news, I loved autumn, 

Just like them, the season of shedding and, 

Standing a bare soul, yet being most beautiful, 

An uncanny autumn Zephyr then murmured into, 

My ears playing with my tresses, soon then I, 

Too sank into the embrace of my earthly lover.

By Monalisha Joshi

The poem was published in ISSUE 02, Sep 17.

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